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Update:  Dirk Carmichael passed away in April 2017, details here on MyLargescale.com.

PURPOSE of This "Links" Page:  . . . .  is to make it EASY for you to find all of Dirk Carmichael's impressive LargeScale model railroad information.
Dirk Carmichael
  • CLICK HERE  to view Dirk's PHOTOS in a Flickr Photostream album

  • CLICK HERE  to view Dirk's Dragoon Mountain Scenic Railway layout info on MyLargescale.com

  • CLICK HERE  to view Dirk's custom EMD DDA40X Centennial, UP 6936 diesel-building project info on MyLargescale.com
A Few Photos - copied from Dirk's Flickr album (many more are in the actual album)

Part 1:  Building the Dragoon Mountain Scenic Railway

Most of these photos will open slightly LARGER if you CLICK on them.
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Image 1


Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

One of Dirk's hand-built turnouts.

Image 8

The triple-header train you see in the background, is the REAL Union Pacific.

Part 2:  The custom EMD DDA40X Centennial,
UP 6936 diesel-building project

Image 9

Image 10

Image 11

Per Dirk: "This model is being built from a variety of parts; including - parts from 2 - SD45 locos, 2 - GP38 hoods, 1 - SD45 cab/1 - SD 40 cab/1 - SD70Mac cab. And any hand built parts as needed, walk ways from box car roofs. It will run on a custom set of spliced "Siamese motor blocks", using 4 - SD70 power blocks as donors. That is 4 motors in one loco! OR twice the typical pulling power."

Image 12

Image 13

Image 14